We have been focusing on treating nervous and locomotive system disorders, even in more severe cases over a long period of time. It is in these areas where we can provide the best quality services focused on prevention, rehabilitation and treatment. All this with the support of our professional staff.

Our establishment is fully wheelchair accessible, and all services are available “under one roof”. The hydrotherapy and swimming pools are equipped with lifting mechanisms. All programmes for our clients are individually tailored based on initial medical examinations and kinesiological analysis provided for every client.

Treatment authorization and medical report

To be eligible for our treatment it is necessary to fulfil the condition of indications and non-existence of contra-indications available here.
To further specify your treatment options it is necessary to provide a medical report at the latest when booking your stay .The medical report or other medical documentation should not be older than 3 months. Our doctor will assess these and make recommendations on treatment options in our facility.

Treatment and main curative methods

Treatment is determined by an entry medical examination. Based on the examination, the treatment plan will be decided by the doctor. During the treatment we combine various therapies according to client´s needs , such as: Physiotherapy, Mechanotherapy, Ergotherapy, Electrotherapy, Massage, Hydrotherapy etc.

The main methods of treatment are individual therapeutic physical exercises which are carried out by specially trained physiotherapists. Analytical exercise is administered based on the results of a muscle test. From a  wide range of methods these are the most commonly used:  - Vojta´s method, exercises according to Mojzisova, Kabat´s method, Bobath´s concept (for cerebrovascular accident conditions), exercises of deep stabilization (for painful spine conditions etc.), Brugger´s back exercises; leg correction (acquired and genetic leg defects).

Therapy structure

Rehabilitation and mechanotherapy

The main treatment method is individual rehabilitation, which is carried out by qualified rehabilitation professionals - physiotherapists. These are exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist, who will teach the client exercises focused on the affected area. The intensity of the exercise and its composition is individually tailored to the client’s condition. Repeat practice of individual exercises leads to their memorization and follow up training at home will extend positive healing effects.
Besides physiotherapy, ergo therapy is another important treatment method. It is a healing method that supports physical and mental functions, helps the return of functional abilities, practicing self-care, daily activities and fine motor skill (dexterity).
Mechanotherapy consists of the application of mechanical forces on the body through machines. Clients undergo exercises on machines that do the work for them, treadmill with suspension system, Motomed or motor-driven splints for arms and legs. Other exercises are performed on machines where patients work out themselves and thus strengthen muscle tissue, such as exercise bike, stepper, cross trainer, fitness benches, Orbitrec, Posturomed. Traction is another important part of machanotheraphy. It is a passive procedure which through deliberate and prolonged pulling of a muscle, organ, or the like, helps correct dislocation, relieve pressure, etc.
Our unique robotic rehabilitation devices enable sophisticated and targeted therapy. At present we use:

  • G-EO SystemTM - advanced robotic device for gait rehabilitation

Learn more about robotic rehabilitation here.


Other procedures

Rehabilitation care is complemented by a Balneo department, physical therapy and thermotherapy.
The Balneo department focuses on  bubble, whirlpool and carbonic baths. The whirlpool bath tub has a calming and refreshing effect. It relaxes muscles and reduces mental stress, supports heart function and overall blood circulation. It helps reduce pain in back, spine and joints. When taking the whirlpool bath, the body is massaged with thin streams of water from the jets in the bath. This procedure helps locomotive and neurological disorders. It improves blood circulation in the limbs and metabolism. In the carbonic baths the carbon dioxide is absorbed by the skin and that has a beneficial effect on the heart and kidneys. A series of carbonic baths also reduces stress, has a strong relaxing effect, promotes blood circulation in the skin, muscles, organs, glands, and brain with oxygenated blood, which strengthens the body and the immune system.
For physical therapy we most frequently use phototherapy, ultrasound, interference, diadynamic and Träbert currents, pulsed magnetic therapy or lymphatic drainage.
Another important treatment is thermotherapy which uses paraffin and peat. Peat thanks to its composition and thermal conductivity helps to release spasms and to treat disorders of the locomotive system.
The above-listed procedures are complemented by other procedures that have a positive impact on the condition of the client.  Procedure prescription and composition depend on the condition of the client and is determined by the physician during the entry medical examination.

An overview of our procedures can be found here.